Drop shipping Service is a product delivery method in which you (as a seller) accept the payment from your customer, and they will receive the product(s) Directly from Cameron Sino Technology Limited.

Drop shipping is highly benefit for those small retail shops, web storefronts, and people who want to start doing business with a catalog. These kind of businesses do not required to have the actual product on hand, by just looking at the product images and the sales is committing.

The sellers do not need to acquire the product at the time of purchase. They usually receive the products couple days later.

How to Order


Low Investment

Only deposit of USD$1000 to be Cameron Sino Technology Limited dropship member, and start your big business.

Save Money

Using Cameron Sino Technology Limited drop shipping services, you do not have to find, manage and pay for a warehouse to store your products. We will finish all of it for you.

Flexible Location

Your business can be based anywhere, whatever home, coffee shop, etc. as long as you have internet connection, you can finish all the business fluency.


Cameron Sino Technology Limited drop shipping provide variety battery and accessories with no MOQ. So that you can ultimately sell as many different items as you want, at no extra cost and quantities.

• Cost, Space and Time. You don’t need to store every product, especially when you consider the number of SKU CS can offer. You can save time and put all the resources in sales and marketing.

• Drop ship with Manufacturer VS third party Fulfillment service. First, it’s more cost effective. You don’t need to pay for the inventory at the first place, plus no Storage Charge, no Inbound Charge, no Fulfillment Charge. There will be product cost and shipping cost only.

No Matter where the customers are, we’ll find you the best shipping option. Our locations and destinations:United States - To USA and Canada.

Germany – To Western and Central Europe. Expected to expand to Southern Europe and Scandinavia in 2019. Hong Kong – To Australia, Europe and North America

No one would store and ship battery? We do and we love to.
With our knowledge and experience in handling and shipping batteries properly,
we have no problem shipping to most destinations.

Your order will be processed automatically within the next working day.
Once it’s shipped, the tracking number of the selected shipping method will be shown on our client interface.

You can upload, track, amend, cancel and return your order on our online system.

Germany: DHL, Deutsche Post, GLS
Hong Kong: DHL, FedEx, UPS, Post NL, Belgium Post