What is drop shipper?

A drop shipper is a manufacturer who will ship your single-item orders directly to your customers. You are authorized to use our products’ images to post on your website or e-store, which mean you already have 40,000 batteries and accessories in your category.Once you receive an orders from customer, just inform us the order information and Cameron Sino will prepare and ship the products directly to your clients.

Why do I need to do drop shipping?

If you do not prefer to pile up the inventory at your places or set up an additional warehouse for your retail business, then drop shipping can help you to save money.

Are there any fees incurred for drop ship service?

No, Cameron Sino do not charge any fees for drop ship services, it just need USD1,000 deposit to become a drop shipper.

How will you notify us of shipment?

We will update invoice and statement to show you the latest account status and tracking information after the goods are delivered. Also, you may check the order status in www.cameronsino.com at anytime.

What happen if my deposit is running out?

Every purchase will deduct the amount from deposit. Once the balance is below USD100, Cameron Sino will notice you to refill back to USD1,000 in order to do the next purchase.

How Do I delete my drop ship account?

If you wish to delete your drop shipping membership, just inform our sales person, and all of the remain balance we will be refunded immediately.

Does Cameron Sino include any invoices or documents in the shipment?

No, there will be no invoice nor packing list included with the shipment. Your clients will not know the cost of our products.