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General Question

Q1: Why should I choose the Cameron Sino Batteries?

A1: It’s because Cameron Sino Batteries have better performance (higher capacity) and reliability (longevity & safety). The superior performance improves batteries’ running time, which is better than original brand replacement. The superior quality results in longer battery life and better protection of the powered device. All products are passed with QA dept which help Cameron Sino to achieve the lowest return rate in the industry.

Q2: Can I use a higher capacity battery in my digital device?

A2: Sure! Higher capacity batteries will provide you a longer running time which contains no negative effect on your device.

Q3: How can I find out the suitable replacement battery for my device?

A3: There is the Search box located in the upper right corner on Cameron Sino home page, just type in your device model and it will show you the suitable battery for you. Or you can also use the Advanced Search to search the replacement battery for your device.

Q4: How can I contact Cameron Sino for more information?

A4: If you have any question regarding our price, order procedure, our services and our warranties or polices, please contact us via